Painting Projects | Kitchen


Kitchen update

step #1 - walls & trim

Typically, the first question I get when I share our house projects is “did you buy your house?”. Honestly, the the answer is that we are, in fact, renting. But our hope and intention is to stay in this rental for quite some time, which means we don’t mind putting a little elbow grease and our own finger print on the space. I am a homebody and am greatly influenced by my surroundings. For Aus and I, we think investing a little in our living space (even a rental!) is worth it if it means it feels more like home.

Our landlords are fun and spunky people and their house reflected it. However, Aus and I like to have a quiet and calm space to retreat to after a long day and the bright colors were a little too bold for us. With permission from our landlords, we started painting the trim then the walls. I will be updating the blog as we make progress - but here’s what we have finished so far.

We took down the wood slat pot rack for some good cleaning! If you want to learn more about how to clean & care for the wood products in your home, check my other post titled Interior Wood Care!

Kitchen cabinets are next… wish us luck!